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Decks, Siding, and Patios


Using proper cleaning agents and appropriate pressure and technique is imperative.  Brothers offers pressure washing to clean and prepare surfaces before staining and painting or if surface simply needs washed.    


Will pressure washing damage my wood?

If you wash too long on a single area, then yes, pressure washing can mark or even scar your deck or wood paneling, cutting the wood in places that may not be noticeable at first. Think of this: extreme high-pressure water is used to cut steel in the automotive industry. Granted, the pressure washers used in exterior remodeling are not as powerful but it gets the point across: water under intense pressure is a very powerful thing.


Fortunately, during the course of our years in the business, we have refined our skills with pressure washing and know how to apply just the right level of exposure to leave your wood deck or paneling clean but not damaged. When it is done correctly, pressure washing can be highly effective at removing the most resistant grime from your deck, leaving your deck or exterior, looking fresh and clean.

Deck Staining

After washing we stain decks. Options include semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid stains with a variety of color options. Staining is not only aesthetic, maintaining with regular application preserves the longevity of the wood preventing rot.


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