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The following is a Frequently Asked Questions section containing questions that we regularly receive from our clients in the area. If you cannot find the information that you need in the Painting Tips section of our web site, you will likely find it here. If you have any questions that are not addressed in this FAQ, you can always feel free to email the friendly Brothers Painting customer service team by calling us at 562.980.6371.


Do you give free estimates? 




Is Paint and other materials included in your price?




Do you paint interior and exterior?








When painting interior our pricing is lower if you are able to remove pictures, wall hangings, furniture etc. in preparation for our arrival.


What colors are the best colors and why?


Simply put, color affects mood. Red, yellow, and orange are considered the warm colors which incite happy, excitable moods and stimulation. They're great for offices for that reason. Blue, green, and purple are called the cool colors because they're relaxing and peaceful. Think bedroom and den. The light colors, like beige or any off white are spacious and uplifting. Perfect for the Doctor's office.

Dark colors make rooms look smaller and can be depressing. Bold colors are appealing while whites reflect light, but beware, they get dirty pretty easily.


Can I paint over wall covering?


Yes, but the best option is to remove wallpaper, wash glue from walls, apply proper primer, do drywall repairs, sand and then paint.

If painting over wallpaper a proper primer must be used first, then skim seams with drywall compound, sand, prime, sand, then paint.


Can I wash my walls?


Don't do anything for at least 2 or 3 weeks, and when you do clean, make sure you use a cleaner that won't destroy your paint. Read all labels for directions for your cleaner, make sure it is properly diluted and practice cleaning first on a small unnoticeable area.

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